Our Journey… so far

Jun-08   Becky  BFN Donor 1  
Sep-08    Becky  BFN Donor 2  
Oct-08   Becky  BFP Donor 2 received + on 12dpo
Dec-08   Becky  MC 8 WEEKS  
Jan-09   Holly BFN Donor 2  
Feb-09   Holly BFN Donor 2  
Mar-09   Holly BFN Donor 2  
Apr-09   Holly BFN Donor 2  
May-09   Break    
Jun-09   Holly BFN Donor 2  
Jul-09   Holly BFN Donor 2  
Aug-09   Holly BFN Donor 2  
Sep-09   Becky  BFN Donor 2  
Oct-09   Break    
Nov-09   Break    
Dec-09   Break    
Jan-10   Becky  BFN Donor 2  
Feb-10   Becky  BFN Donor 2  
Mar-10   Becky  BFN Donor 2  
Apr-10   Break    
May-10   Break    
Jun-10   Break    
Jul-10   Break    
Aug-10   Becky  BFN Frozen  
Sep-10   Break    
Oct-10   Break    
Nov-10   Becky  ???  Frozen  


  1. Pomegranate Said:

    Thanks for putting this up. I’m curious, how do you guys negotiate going back and forth between the two of you?

    • bellygirls Said:

      After my miscarriage I had no desire to try so I asked Holly if she would. So she did for 7 months without success. After talking about it, Holly was very willing to hand the reins back to me. When I can’t take it anymore, I will hand the reins back to her. For us, it doesn’t matter who has the baby as long as we have a baby. The baby I conceive will be just as much as hers as it will mine and vise versa.

  2. Jaime Said:

    I came across your blog while having a boring day at work 🙂 I gathered from one of your posts that you are in the Orlando area? My wife and I are in the Orlando area too! We just had our little boy 10 months ago (I was the carrier). If you want to follow us, my blog is at gaymama.blogspot.com. Looking forward to following your blog – good luck on your journey!

  3. Liz Said:

    we are about to start our TTC journey. thanks for sharing your expericences!

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